good morning

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Our bedroom is always changing. It first began with a bed and a dresser but soon it got cramped full of all my sewing supplies. My sewing machine even took  up a spot in the corner next to the bed. But since Owynns been born the sewing machine turned into a changing table and a rocking chair took the place of my sewing stool. Shelves have been built a few pictures hung and our long living spider plant sits up top. But I have never really felt like it is finished. Yesterday Alex had the day off and built Owynn his own little side bed off ours. It is super sweet. I think Owynn is going to really love it until his little body grows out of it. But for now it does the trick and once again our little bedroom has a new development and changed again.

I have been loving this shop lately and finally after eyeing this beautiful blanket for awhile I saw it on sale last week so I went ahead and purchased it. I'm so excited to see it in person and to have it be apart of our bedroom. Next are new sheets but I am hoping I can find some at a thrift shop because it's amazing how pricy they can be new. Any spots where you like to purchase your bed linens?