Daily LIfe

"April showers bring May flowers"

DSCF4003 DSCF4013 6:00 am I hear the floors creak and the clothing drawers under our bed slide open. Our home is usually quiet until 7-7:30 most morning because any extra sleep we can get from the constantly waking babe through night we take it. But this morning it was different. Alex tip-toed around in the wee hours of the morning trying to get ready for his off-isalnd adventure of an onslaught of stores and to-dos before racing back to the afternoon ferry. We rarely leave the island and when we do we always have a full list and it is a little bit like chaotic trying to get them all done before catching the boat home. So this morning Alex left in a hurry and I laid in bed awake in an unusually awake sort of way at this early hour. I listened to the family of turkeys that live in our trees, I watched the falling rain splatter so uniformly against our bath house glass roof and rustled out of bed so carefully to not wake the baby. I sat out on our day-bed and watched the spring rain fall. It is so light and gentle compared to our winter rain.Β I welcome it and afterwards each plant is twice as large and twice as green as the day before. IΒ enjoyed this quiet hour alone before the little one awoke and was ready to start the day.

-an april showers print

-can't wait for this album to come out in May

-wishing kids toys were not so dang expensive

-enjoying these reads so much right now. Here, here and here.