This place I call home

I live on an island which I cam sure the most of you are aware of, but I realized through reading comments and such that where I live is important. I have not written much about this island I live on so here it goes. Short and sweet collage of words and photos of this place I call home… DSCF6107

Island life, well to me it is just home but to many it is an anomaly. I visit the sea most days, observe boats busily navigating the waters, hear sea birds chatter in the distance and smell the rich marine scents. We have no bridge just a simple ferry system. It takes about 45 mins to reach the mainland and about 30 mins to reach other islands in our archipelago. We live in an isolated spot, but not as remote as many live around the world. I love this extreme way of living, and often imagine living on a smaller island. But I get cabin fever and in my dreams of living more remotely I think this is just perfect for me.


My home is simple, a small cabin once lived in by fisherman back in the 20's. It was moved to our land shortly after our property closed on a trailer and set back in the thick wild rose bushes. It has been restored many times but this time we gutted it to its bare bones. New windows, doors, flooring ect… Most items found at a re-store off the island. It is a hodgepodge of peoples ideas, lives and dreams all condensed together. Now I think it has found its permanent home on the south end of our little island.


I go for walks a lot. When you meet a friend it usually starts with a walk and ends with a cup of tea inside.


Gardens surround our homes, fresh veggies are in abundance during the summer months. Potlucks are often filled with local protein, homegrown vegetables, homemade bread, and other delicious dishes.


I go to the water to help clear my mind, to energize my creative energy and remind myself  of all the good I have in my life. I live in a beautiful spot and try to never take it for granted.

DSCF1394DSCF3650 DSCF4636

I love the island life, though it does have it hard times its beauty and remoteness override all its downfalls.


~Photos are from the last 3 years. That photo of me was taken in October 2012.