This Space…

Hello All. I have decided to no longer follow along with the 52 week project. A photo of your child once a week for a year. I think it is a wonderful idea but I feel like it is not completely relevant for this space. I began blogging back in 2010 as a way to develop a name for my company Barnacle Bags. I began documenting the world around me and was amazed at how much enjoyment I got out of it. I am a photographer, I love taking photos and thru this blog I dove back into a long time hobby of taking photos that I had dropped after high school. I am not much of a writer so my posts were simple back then. They did not include much personal information or text. I was new to the internet world. Before then I rarely checked my email and did not even know what a blog was. Now I check my email daily, read hundreds of blogs and earn my money thru the internet. Lets just say I spend a lot of time on the web when my business is up and running. It is a huge place for inspiration. On this little island I do not always get super inspired so often the web is a spot for me to see what other makers are doing with there lives and see how they manage there personal live and there business life. Though as the years went on my blog grew, I wrote more and refined my posts each week.

Since finding out I was pregnant in January last year I have had a hard time with this space. I was not working very much due to morning sickness and was not totally inspired to post here. I just couldn't figure out what the theme of my blog was and what people enjoyed. But I stuck with it because I actually really love to sit down and write these posts. I can not tell you how many times I write blog posts in my mind and then never actually post them… I have had so many ideas. I love reading blogs where the blogger gets personal so I tried to do that same but not sure it is right for me. I come to you today as a reader of my blog to share with me what you like about this space. My friend recently asked this question on her blog and it motivated me to do that same because I have been wondering this question for awhile. Blogging has turned into a big part of my life, it is a spot for me to unwind and sort my thoughts. I often just begin typing and then something comes out. So of course there will be a lot of that still but I am still curious what out enjoy as a reader?


My photos?


Personal topics ?


My work?


Home life?

My take on life with a baby?

Of course baby posts will still be around. Hard not to take a million shots of him each week, I just won't have the same format each week like I did with the 52 week project. Who knows maybe this will change but for the moment I really would like to work on my blog and what I want to see for its future! Thanks for any comments you feel like leaving! Much appreciated and as always thanks for being a reader and coming back to this space time and time again!

Cheers, Lissa