dreaming of Baja…


1 week until we leave for Baja. This will be Owynn's first time on a airplane and I am a bit nervous about it. I am not a fan of airplane travel, they pollute crazy amounts of gas emissions. I also find it weird how they move hundreds of people at one time across the globe and bam you are transported into a new culture before you know it. I love it though, I love to travel and I love the challenges it brings. So I guess you would call me a big fat hypocrite. I complain about pollution and yet each year I seem to jump on a plane to see new  faces, colors, smells, sounds, foods and be warmed by the southern sun. I have traveled a  fair bit in my life but not so much in the last couple years. Money and time has mostly been the issue. That still has not changed but one cold evening in November Alex and I scanned the web for tickets to our beloved travel spot and sure enough we found a good deal. So fast forward 3 months later and wow it is actually happening. We are anxious and ready to go. We have a whole week ahead until take off  but we already have started talking about packing and all the logistics of getting us to Baja with the babe. Just the details for the commute to reach the airport has taken hours. But I get the travel bug every winter and I'm pretty over the moon this year that we made it happen.

Baja is a place we know well. Alex has traveled there many times over his life. We don't travel to the usual tourist destinations but we know the isolated, wild terrain that Baja has to offer. Our last trip down there was a road trip from Washington state down the coast until we reached the sunshine and kept on driving. We camped the entire 7 weeks, it was amazing. 1 truck, 1 dog, 2 surfboards, lots of books, watercolors and mass amount of bulk food. It was quite the adventure. This one will be a bit different but I can't wait to show Owynn the desert down south and the warm salty water. Do you travel each year, either far or near your home?


-Photos are from our road trip to Baja in 2010