I seek refuge from my daily life to the outdoors. It is a place to think. My brain cannot think clearly while inside. Maybe it is the confinement of our little cabin as even walking over to the studio my mind seems to feel more free. My daily walks are essential to keeping my creative energy and physical energy alive. Often I go for walks alone with Owynn but occasionally I have a friend or a few along for the journey. Then they are time of social conversations. Just as important as those walks alone. We are lucky, we have an amazing hill know as Chadwick in our backyard. Once you reach the top, about a thirty minute hike you are thrown into the clouds over looking the islands and beyond. On those jaunts alone I often write letters in my head, blog posts or to-do lists… my ideas seem to get untangled. Though they are usually not written down it seems to help sort things out when I do finally act on them. While in the city I would head to my favorite coffee shop and do the same thing, though instead of looking at the trees and dirt road ahead I would be people watching and gazing outside probably wishing for the nature. Do you seek refuge to a certain place each day? What helps clear your mind?


~Photos are from a walk this weekend up the hill to watch the sunset. Owynn's first hike up Chadwick.