little photos

I began using Instagram a few months back. I resisted for a long time. I thought it was just another weird social network site like facebook and such. But I was wrong. I have really grown to love it. I do think it is a bit strange how we use our phones constantly to document each new adventure. It makes me almost sick when I see families both parents on there phones and the little one left alone or even worse on a device to. But I am a iphone user I just try and limit my time with it. Which is not that hard being that we do not even have cell reception on our island. But when I travel I use it a bit more. and I too am guilty of taking the little device with my on adventures, wiping it out to capture a great memory. So here it begins me using these little squares, organizing them in a nice manner and posting them on this blog. I love collages and think photos next to each other often make a photo look so much better. Matching colors, themes ect.. So every once and while I will be posting my collages of my little photos on this space. Feel free to follow along my Instagram/lissasnapp if you would like. 

-Photos are from a family trip up to Tofino, Canada over the holidays!