A few months ago my friend requested that I update her Barnacle bag rucksack to have a closure with buckles instead of a button studs. I added new leather as well to make it a bit more durable and thought it turned out quite nice. My friend Milla asked me to do the same, so once I get back into the studio I might start using buckles more often. I always thought of them as being annoying, but they look so nice. So I figure I will have a rucksack with a snap option as well as a buckle option in the future, for those who prefer that. 

Alex and I have been brainstorming on how to make a more efficient work process for me. I now have a huge space I just have to take the next few months to figure out a work flow that will work with the little one around. Time alone to work on my business will be rare. I figure I will start slow and only have a few items for sale. I am imagine I will have my shop open again in March. But maybe sooner if I feel up to it. But I plan to work on new designs and such during that time and occasionally will have a bag for sale on my blog. 

Owynn seems to be getting into a routine, a bit less nursing which allows me to have a little more free time. To sit next to him, write a blog post, make a phone call and fold laundry. Some days are harder then others but all in all we got a pretty content little guy. So hopefully I will be back to blogging a bit more often. We shall see...