so much love

Our little one is now 5 weeks old. It has been quite a journey. It all began 5 weeks ago when our little one decided to enter into our world. It was a stormy night. It was intense, painful, scary, exhausting and everything else in-between. 24 hours that shook my world, never did I imagine the pain I would be in, all the breathing exercises went out the window. It was just my body and mind in survival mode. But I persisted, strength came out of nowhere I knew I  had. I did not want to go to the hospital, I wanted to have him in the forest, in the small house with a skylight looking out at the lighting bolts, surround by my dearest ones. So much support and encouragement and then he arrived. Owynn Grey Skott, 6lbs 4oz at 8:28 pm. Tears filled all our eyes. He was beautiful, with shinning red hair. And so the journey of motherhood began... 

The past 5 weeks, Owynn Grey is already loved by so many. Held tight by families and friends. Meals arrived at our doorstep and once again our Lopez community took care of us. Support and love I never knew existed. So much excitement and emotions with him. We love him so much and so happy to live where we do and be surround by our friends and family. 

Since my last post, Fall has arrived. Chilly days and frosty mornings. Evening light so golden touching all the changing colors. How did we get to fall? Already... the boots and woolen coats are sprung out throughout the house. Hats and baby moccasins sit on our windowsill ready to be worn on each outing. The bees have left and the birds are quiet, no longer the chitter chatter each morning. The geese are passing by, casting over nostalgic feelings each time I hear them. So heres to fall, I hope it finds you well!