Custom Orders

I get a lot of custom requests, people asking for a different color or to add a extra pocket ect...  I often learn a lot from these orders. Everyone views things in a new light and often I am surprised by the ideas and how much I end up liking the finished product. They are more work and therefore have to charge a bit extra but in the end I always hope to give someone a product they will love and enjoy on a daily basis. So taking the extra step to make it more fit for the each person makes sense to me. I used to say yes to all my custom orders but now I am a bit more picky about what requests I will do. But for the most part I will happily create a custom bag! I was recently asked to make the Rucksack in a solid color, the waxed cotton canvas in sage instead of with the linen stripes. I really loved the way it turned out. So I am hoping to get a version of this bag in my shop soon! Do you every make custom orders? How do they work for you?