these days

-Our olive trees arrived all safe and sound from an off-island nursery
-Barnacle Bags ready for wrapping
-A few new goodies to help keep me organized
-Fir brought in to bring some holiday cheer
-Sunshine on my woolen sweater
-Sliver of a moon, with a golden sunset

A little bit of this and that, my mind is feeling overloaded with thoughts these days. I am just trying to finish up orders and then take a deep breathe. We have been visited with strong winds these past few days. So windy you feel like it could just knock you over. Our property is pretty exposed so it is quite a scene when the wind picks up. At night I lie and bed and just listen to it wiping thru the pines and firs surrounding our cabin. I try and just enjoy it and not think of the worst like a falling down tree. 

Many of my thoughts these days have been about the tragedy of this past week. I cannot even imagine the pain the families and community of Newtown must be going through. Something needs to change in this world of ours. I hope 2013 can bring peace and change to our country and to communities across the globe. My thoughts and prayers to all involved with this horrible event. 

Blessings, Lissa