blogging thoughts

Lately I have been thinking a lot about this space. Blogging is always the calm part of my day, the time when I sit down in our sunny breakfast nook with my cup of tea and have a moment of stillness. I am someone who would benefit greatly from yoga and mediation but for now blogging and daily walks are about all I can get myself to do for my body and mind. I have always had a strong passion for photography but never knew what to do with my images so this has become my spot for my photos. Scanning through my photos, picking the one that calls out to me is now so enjoyable. I feel like less is more when it comes to choosing photos for a post. This blog has grown a lot this past year and half and have many ideas for the future of this space. But with my lack of photoshop skills and web design skills those ideas may take awhile to form. So as I wrap up my thoughts this evening I just want to say thanks for reading and taking time to look at this special space of mine. I hope it finds you well wherever you may be in the world.