My Camera

This is my camera, It is a Fujifilm FinePix X100. While in New York this spring my brother let me borrow it to see if I would like it. I loved it! It has taken me awhile to get used to it and still have so much to learn. But it has been so much fun getting to know it. I shoot in the manual mode so getting the right exposure takes a bit more time then my last camera which I shot in auto the whole time. But then in the end the photo is much nicer looking. I used to only shoot in film and when I traveled to India and then to Nicaragua I only brought my film camera. I lugged around 15 rolls of film, kept then safe and dry and waited patiently to see the results. But now I have a much harder time trying to get film developed and it is quite expensive. So that is part of the reason I have converted over to digital. Anyway I had gotten a few questions about my camera when featured on Etsy and here's me answer. 

(The first blooming poppy in my little garden. Picked it and slowly it's delicate petals fell)

Here are some links to a few favorite sites:
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and also... check out the interviews on Freunde von Freunden. It is a site based out of Germany that interviews artists, makers, photographers, all types of creative people from allover the world. It gives a wonderful view into peoples homes and always an interesting interview. My sister in law interviewed this couple this past spring for the website. Many creative people out there, nice to see a little snippet of people's lives.