A few bits and pieces of my new favorite fabrics that I have been collecting. I love including pretty patterned fabrics to my bags but I like to change up the colors and patterns fairly often. So buying wholesale in patterned cotton fabrics does not work well for me. So I have been trying to figure out a way to still include these pretty fabrics in my bags that makes it affordable for me. All the solid color canvas's are bought in large quantities thru a wholesaler. While taking this time off I have been able to come up with a solution to still include these pretty fabrics in a few bags in my Etsy shop. I will have a larger selection of solid colored rucksacks and totes and then have a few limited edition bags that are a bit more expensive that will ever so often change through out the seasons. I plan to use a few of these pretty prints on some of the Β new limited edition bags. Still a few weeks off. But I can't wait to start my new ideas...Β