a bit of a jungle

Thank you everyone for all your loving and kind words from the last post. It truly made my day! If you have not entered the giveaway yet, no worries there is still time. The last day to enter is Monday the 21st. Look at the post below to learn more about the details on how to enter.

The feeling of late Spring has arrived, evenings seem to last forever, everything is blooming like crazy, bees are buzzing around pollinating, birds are signing in the mornings and frogs are croaking late into the night. My house is looking a bit like a jungle, I have picked so many different bouquets of beautiful blooming plants. I love how this time of year the house is full of vibrant, wild and free bouquets. Thought I would share a few with you. Thanks again to all my readers, I really love this place and it is so nice to be knowing someone is there enjoying it as well.

Happy Thursday Evening!