Etsy Shop 1 Year Old + A Giveaway

Today is the 1 year mark for my Etsy shop and Blog! So much has happened in the past year in my personal life and in the business side of life. I cannot even believe it. From buying a piece of raw land with Alex to going full time with Barnacle Bags! All very exciting things. I truly have put my heart and soul into my sewing business and have really realized if you put enough dedication and love into something then anything can happen. I never thought I would be supporting myself a year later when I started my Etsy shop. So much of where I am today is because of all the supportive people in my life. Thank you to everyone who has bought my bags and to everyone that has said positive words about my work, it all keeps me going everyday! My family has been amazing, all such wonderful people and so supportive on my business. My lovely friends who deal with me complaining about having so much work.... and dealing with my lack of socializing these past months. and thank you Alex for the daily support and letting me run my loud machine late at night. So on to the fun part! I am doing a little giveaway.
It will close Monday May 22nd. 

To enter to win this cute wax zip pouch:
2. Comment below and include your favorite part of spring and your email. 
So in case you win I can contact you!

P.S Here is a link to my first blog post a year ago from today. I think it is kinda cute.