Behind the scenes

Taking photos is a huge part of my business. I have finally started to find a routine with the photo taking of my bags, but I know they still need to improve. Beacuse I sell most of my products on the web the photo of the product matters so so much. It has been one of my biggest challenges. I took these photos this weekend, sort of by accident but I really love them. When looking at Etsy I always wonder what is behind the scenes of each photo. The home where the product was made and the life before it had before coming to you. It is really fun to think about and love that there is this huge uprising of beautiful handmade products being made all over the world. Each with a totally unique story. So here are my behind the scene shots. Maybe more to come in the future. and p.s this is a new bag in my shop. A little bit smaller size wax canvas rucksack!