Spring Buds

Spring is in the air! Alex did some pruning on my dad's pear and apple tress so I stole some cuttings  and stuck them in a vase. Yesterday the pear buds started to bloom and it made me so happy. I love all the pretty bouquets people have in there homes this time of year. So many shades of pinks and yellows.

Well hope you are having a sunny and relaxing weekend! I am off to paint the cabin and exciting news we got electricity yesterday! Alex spent 2 months working on it so we are quite pleased to have that finished and now moving on to the next project. But before I leave I wanted to share with you 2 lovely blog posts from this week that totally inspired me. I hope you will enjoy them too! and especially if you are a fellow crafter!

       -A sweet interview on the Fresh Exchange Blog with Gracie French.
       -A new favorite is Nikole Herriott's blog, her beautiful shop and this interview she did with Covet Garden. 

Enjoy! and Happy Reading!