Winter's Words

While sitting this morning drinking my coffee, skimming the Kinfolk magazine, I came across these pretty words describing this season (winter) as the season of intentional gatherings. So I thought I would share them with you!  

"We peel off our mittens and place them on the stove to dry. We bring foods that restimulate our sense of smell and remind us of colour: rich red wine, baked sweet potatoes, peacan pie. We are reminded also (and perhaps more importnantly) of each other. We have been isolated by the cold and eschewed the outside for days. We've turned inward. Now, together, undistracted by thee sounds of the street, commited to our present time and place, locked in by the wind and ice, we are enlivended by community. If we could, we'd never leave. Winter is recognition, in the form of a season, that we need each other." 

Words by Nikaela Peteres, Taken from Kinfolk