the moon

the moon


     Summer nights are my favorite. Dinners are enjoyed later, meals are light and often quick. We have winter for planned meals and drawn out dinners. Late evening walks, bike rides at sunset, beers shared on the beach, sun kissed checks fill these days.  I might miss warm summer nights that I have experienced elsewhere but there is nothing more magical then sitting on my porch wrapped up in my wool sweater watching the sun set in a haze of muted pinks and then turning to the other side of our field and watching the bright moon rise.

     The full moon was feeling extra powerful this month and I think at various points in my life I am more attuned to the moon cycle and its power. I always enjoy reading from here and here on where the moons at each month and it often leads to more clarity on why I feel like I am or sometimes just leads to more confusion but thats okay! Life is a wild ride and sometimes just best to sit with it and try to not control it.

    I have been feeling a serious lack of motivation in the studio this past spring and summer and it scares me. I have a jumble of new ideas but executing them from an idea into a real object has been challenging. This is my life now and learning slowly to be with it and know it will all become more clear and soon will flow into a new form. Inspiration will come back. It always ebbs and flows!  

Happy July to you all! Thanks for reading and for your support! I hope this note finds you well! 

xx Lissa 

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