Film | Fall 2015

Film | Fall 2015

My first camera was a film camera, my father's Pentax k-1000 to be exact. I began using it in 5th grade when I had a school project documenting old barns and houses around the island. It mostly involved my father taking me to his favorite historic buildings in the islands, him helping me set the correct shutter speed, aperture and then me clicking the button to take the photo. I loved listening to the loud sound the camera made as I took a photo.

From then on my love for film began. I spent hours in the 5th grade developing photos in our schools darkroom and later on only shooting in film while traveling. I would jam an over stuffed zip lock bag full of film into my hiking backpack for my overseas travels. I only recently starting using digital when traveling.

My computer is now brimming with digital photo files, I have no idea how to organize and sort them. I never came up with a system. I have lost so many photos and with each new computer more and more seem to disappear. Hard drives are lost and old photos are rarely looked at once they are transferred into hard drives.

I miss film and I dislike never having a hard copy of my memories and adventures. Sure you can get your digital files printed and I do that once a year but it is a process I heavily dislike. Which ones to chose? The long hours it takes to load all the files on the printing website and then being surprised when they arrive because they just don't have that same intense and grainy look that I loved so much with my film prints. So I have made a weak effort to take a roll of film once a year. I wish it were more often. One day I hope to only use film again but for now I am stuck in the digital world of photos with the excuse that its just easier. 

All images taken with my Canon A-E1 

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