our world

our world

Friday morning and its cold outside. It is a grey day, a day when the color in the sky never changes. It just slowly gets darker as the sun disappears in the afternoon. These are the days that start to drive me crazy after awhile but also brings so much calm and stillness to me. I can hear the ships engines out in the ocean, I see the birds pecking at the last of the crab apples and feel the hot heat from the wood stove next to the sewing machine as it hums away all morning. This is my home and though some days it feels dreary with no sight of sunlight in the future I am forever grateful I was born on this island and still call it home today.

These past few weeks though I have been feeling slightly guilty about where I live, the beauty, the calmness, the unity we have as a community. The rest of our country and world are in a state of confusion and sadly violence. I am not good with words and though at home I have my strong opinions I do not often share them on social media or here as I have a hard time formulating them into well spoken sentences. But today I felt like sharing a little of my thoughts. I feel so saddened by our countries decision last week for president and was shocked by so many on the results. Another wake up call that I live in an isolated area, a little bubble you might say. I don't have any great words or advice on the topic, but I am scared for the people, our children and the environment. It all makes me so sad.

I spent a day this week in silence at a mediation retreat here on the island. It was really powerful and felt like a really helpful thing to do during this time of divide in our country and world. I came home feeling clear headed and somewhat hopeful for the future but also as soon as the news went on reality hit and then I remembered all the terror in the world right now. I have donated to a few environmental organizations this week and to the standing rock movement which has felt good but also know there is so much more that can be done. Writing letter to politicians, the president and joining marches. I hope I can become more active but it is all so new to me but feels right to at least say my thoughts on this space. 

Thank you for reading as always and wishing you a warm and peaceful weekend ahead! 

x Lissa 

(Photo by Demetria Provatas, from our photoshoot last week of the new collection online.) 

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