In the studio | October

In the studio | October  

Its been a busy month over here in the studio. Lots of cutting and sewing going on. I have 2 awesome employees that work once a week and its made a world of a difference this year having their help! We are getting ready for the holiday rush and will be opening the shop up soon! I am not sure on the exact date yet as I am still waiting for a small photo shoot to happen next week but I imagine by the 13th of November we should have most of our items up for sale again along with some new items. Some items will not be available until late November but you should still be able to view them once our shop has been re-stocked later this month. I'll do a quick post during that time to let everyone know about exact dates. I am making a bunch of zip pouches for the gift buying season cause they are a great item to fill with small goodies to give to friends and family. We have a few available in the shop now and more will be coming soon!

I personally cannot believe we have arrived at this time of the year. It feels like I was just here; making fires each morning, sipping on tea and coffee all day, lighting candles each night and gearing up in the studio for the busy season ahead! 

I am hoping to take some time before winter solstice to slow down so I can help Owynn make some homemade gifts for friends and family. He has reached the age where he loves making things and gifting. Its really sweet. Here are some fun winter crafty recipes we are thinking of doing... Beeswax candles, herbal salve and pretty ornaments

Also I really enjoyed this interview last week on Erin's blog. A wonderful approach to motherhood, childhood and living simply. 

I hope you have a good week ahead and Happy Halloween too! 

x Lissa

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