Apples & Cows

Apples & Cows

Apples once grew in abundance on our island. There are still pockets allover where old stands of fruit trees live on from that era. Lots of this fruit goes unpicked and feeds the animals but some is  harvested by islanders for the winter months ahead.

Today we ventured out to my friends land to pick from these old island trees to make into applesauce to freeze for the dark months ahead. Owynn eats apples sauce with yogurt and oatmeal so we go though quite a bit each week. Plus there really is no way to compare homemade apples sauce to store bought. 

I washed the apples, cut into chunks with peels on, placed them on the wood stove in a pot with boiling water and let cook for about thirty minutes. Afterwords I mashed the apples together creating a saucy texture and last used the immersion blender to puree it altogether. 

It made the house smell so yummy and within an hour of getting home we had hot fresh apple sauce and lots to store for the winter! 

Happy Autumn! 

x Lissa 

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