Happy Friday! 

It rained this morning, really hard. The summer rain brings such a unique feeling. Even the biggest rainstorms this time of year always have such pretty and promising light. The air smells sweet and the ground feels warm. The birds get so loud afterwords and the plants look immediately happier. 

I have been really enjoying our garden this year. It is finally thriving. It is smaller then usual but still we eat out of it everyday and totally loving it. I have had a very hands off approach to gardening this year. I just turn on the drip hoses a few times a week and thats about it. Owynn and I walk each of the paths most evenings admiring the plants and pointing out the bugs. It is pretty sweet. 

The garden is a bit of a mess and it definitely needs to be weeded but I am kinda enjoying its wild look and just happy we were able to pull off a garden this year. Honestly gardening with a 1.5 year old was more challenging then I thought it would be. I am really looking forward to next year so Owynn can have his own little garden patch but this year all he wanted to do was pull plants and rack the dirt. We bought Owynn is own set of garden tools this spring and they kept him busy for hours. 

We moved into our bedroom this week and it feels amazing. The house is feeling completely unorganized and still there is more to build in our room and Owynn's room for them to be complete but having a room with beautiful light and door has been pretty wonderful so far. I am looking forward to getting our little rooms more setup. This move has motivated me to get rid of a lot of items which are not used often. It always feels good cleaning and passing along items or clothing that are not used often in this little cabin of ours. I just need to not get anything else for the next year and then I will be good. Living in a small space really limits what you can take home with you. I am going to do a little sale with some clothes I no longer use in the next couple weeks over here

For anyone who has not entered the giveaway you still have time! Giveaway ends on the 31st. 

Enjoy the weekend all! 


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