Ana's Home

Ana's Home

Owynn is blessed to have an amazing amount of beautiful and caring women in his life which he will all call Auntie as he gets older. These women I grew up with. We have been through everything together. Many of us have lived with each other on and off over the years and shared many special adventures together. Now many of us live on the island we all grew up on and still a few are off the island. Life is busy and we do not see each other or talk as much as we used to but these friendships are everything to me and my little one loves them all so much! 

At the end of last week Owynn and I went over to his Auntie Ana's house to check out all the work her boyfriend Casey and herself did on the once rustic cabin in the woods. It is no longer that small cabin in the woods it has turned into a beautiful, light filled and modern space. Ana and her boyfriend are seriously talented and wish I had snapped more photos while there but above are a few from our morning over at Ana's home. 

Happy Weekend! 

- Lissa 

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