a busy week + sleepless nights

 a busy week + sleepless nights 

Life is great but life is hectic. I remember starting my business and throwing myself completely in it. I think that is what you have to do with the first few years of starting your own business if you really want it to succeed. I did just that but I always felt off balanced. I felt like I was missing out on my fiends or taking the time to slow down and be in the moment. I worked hard those first few years and loved every minute but admittedly was a workaholic. 

So fast forward 5 years and now I have a toddler, own land, grow a garden, socialize with friends, family and some how it all works out. Since having Owynn I work part time and nowhere near as much time on BB as I used to. It feels the pain but I have a child and that is my priority. But BB is not close behind. I now am reminded of these past aches and pains I had with not feeling balance in my life back then and now I have even more going on but somehow life feels a little more balanced. The little one pulls me out of the studio and reminds me to slow down and be here now. I dream big for my little business and one day Owynn will be in school and I will be working full-time again but for now I am enjoying both worlds equally and trying to not stress when both parts of my life are pulling at me. 

+ Nasturtiums began blooming this week

+The vegetable tanned tote a little more on that here 

+ Sweet smelling roses my pal Lindsey brought me, made my week so much brighter! 


Happy Solstice weekend!

Summer is here and that makes me smile! 


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