For a local shop

For a local shop 

As most of you know a large percentage of my sales are done online either at Etsy or through the BB website. I would love to be able to have more of my items in brick and mortar stores as well but it is just not that feasible at the moment. Shops take a large percentage but they also deal with the customers and advertise the product. Once in awhile I will contact a shop or vise verse and ship out a few items to a real shop. There is something that is really cool when someone can actually feel the product they are buying and it is fun to get together an order for a store and imagine it on display.

There are a batch of great stores in the islands here so I am hoping to get my items in a few of them this year and starting out with Springboard of Orcas Island. Tomorrow I will be hopping on the ferry with the little one to deliver a box of BB goods. So if you are on Orcas Island this spring or summer stop by Springboard and see my goods! 

Happy Friday! 


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