the days grow longer…


Most afternoons are spent outside after busy mornings in the studio had become my routine. I find the long evenings to be my most favorite time of the day. Sometimes during that time I will be busy in garden preparing the weedy wintry beds for planting or I will just sit, sip a Hefeweizen, (favorite beer at the moment with a squeeze of lemon) watch Owynn explore the fields in front of our house and take in the quiet time. Owynn is quite the independent explorer when outside and I think the freedom is important for the little ones. Our property soaks up the afternoon sun so it is truly my most favorite spot to watch the sun go down and reflect on the day and dream up new ideas for our land and my bag business. I hope you have been enjoying these longer days and soaking up the sunset time as much as possible. 

Enjoy, Lissa 

+ Starts from our local nursery: onions, cilantro, parsley, sweet peas and snow peas. I cannot wait to get them in the ground! 

Lissa SnappComment