Early one morning this week Owynn and I ventured off-island on the first boat. It was dark when we left our cabin and it was pouring rain. We drove in the darkness with the rain hitting our windshield, racing to the ferry and listening to stories of frog and toad. We arrived at the ferry minutes before it left. We watched the sun rise in the dark sky overlooking the deep blue sea. Forty five minutes later and we had landed on the mainland and joined the hustle and bustle of the off-island world. 

Freeway is not my thing so when possible I drive on the back roads. Lucky for me Bellingham has a beautiful back route from the islands. This particular morning the views were stunning. The old barns stood out to me as we passed them along the old Skagit farms. Still this area produces lots of food but once you can see these old barns were full of life and looking a bit happier.

The long and winding road along the ocean is my favorite part though. The maples were sparkling with the morning dew and bright morning light. It may be slower but I prefer the back roads. The rest of our day was busy with errands stopping at shops with goods that you can only buy off island. Of course we visited some fun places too like the playground near the ocean, a new coffee shop for a midmorning latte and of course a thrift shop or two. These trips off island rarely happen but this week right before bedtime one night I decided to set the alarm early and head off the island and glad we did! It was the prefect break in a busy week. 

Happy Weekend! 

x Lissa 

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