Chasing the light

Chasing the light

After a stormy week these days filled with frosty mornings and blue skies are very welcomed. We needed the rain but also our home is very much so an indoor outdoor space as our cabin is quite tiny so we are outdoors a lot when weather permits. It is wonderful when the sun is shining this time of year as it often is filled with grey days. Those sunny days I am definitely in a happier mood! 

Most evenings right before the sun goes down we go for one last outdoor adventure and say good night to the sun. Then we climb up the stairs into the cabin at the last light of the day and nighttime begins. Nights feel long and sometimes its a struggle to keep Owynn busy but just one more month till winter solstice and the light will slowly return! I Hope you had a restful week and have a lovely weekend ahead! We are headed to Orcas to visit family and friends. It feels like my home away from home. Love that island! 

a few things that caught my attention this week... 

+ Lately we have been dreaming up our dream home. Inspiration here and here

+ A little color for your life 

+ Hoping to make a cedar&fir wreath this weekend with Owynn. Ready for a little holiday cheer in our home! 

+Loving Erin's new "simple matters" series

+ The prettiest bed linens that I have seen in awhile  


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