An Interview

An Interview

This past month I was asked by Jacqui of the site Creative + Well to do an interview for a series she is running on creative moms. Finally last week I finished the questions and it went live yesterday. It was fun to answer her questions and read about all the other creative moms she has interviewed in the past. Take a look here if you care to read the interview and learn a little more about me! Happy weekending ahead!

We have a wild weekend ahead filled with lots of driving because I spontaneously singed up for a leather class earlier this week in a town 5 hours away... and thats not including the ferry ride. I'll be back with more on that later! 

x Lissa 

+ Below are some shots from this week in the studio. The last photo shows off the new dark brown leather being used for the leather day bag on the right. Hopefully I will have it up for sale soon in my shop! I know people have been asking for dark brown leather for awhile now and had a hard time finding a reliable source but now I have and its from a long time running USA tannery! 

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