Next Door 

As most of you probably know we bought a raw piece of land a few years back. Our property was originally apart of a longtime running farm here on the island. It stopped running about 15 years ago when the couple were too old to care for it. The farm house (more like small cabin) was built in 1912. The farm started out as a local dairy but over the years with the expansion of refrigeration, local dairy was no longer cared for. So the dairy turned into raising cattle and pigs.
Once we bought our land all that was left of the original farm was a 30 acre piece where their home and barn was. But this last year the old women was ready and needed to sell the last of the farm to raise money for her assisted living. So the 30 acre piece went up on the market. It was the last of the farm and a little piece of history on this island that people cared a lot about. Lots of folks were interested. It was a hot piece of real-estate and was going to get snatched up quick. It is a funky, run -down spot but with the right people it had a lot of potential. Fortunately my brother and his friend stepped in and placed an offer. After a long and crazy few months of trying to figure out how to save the land and keep it a farm the property was there's! So now the hard part begins of cleaning it up and bringing some life back in it. We often walk over to the homestead, soak up all its history and dream up ideas for its future.  

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