Cold Season

The cold season has begun in our little household. Our bodies are readjusting to the new climate and the common cold is spreading quickly around these parts. The mornings and evenings have been covered with thick fog which goes along well with a head cold. I think it is pretty normal for a change of a warm season into a cooler one for sickness to occur. This is Owynn's first time being sick so it's been a whole new experience for us. But we found that a hot bath daily really seems to clear up his sinuses for a couple hours afterwards.

I am taking this week to catch up on orders so the shop is closed and then i'm hoping to get a couple new designs made and up in my shop by the 25th of October. So stay tuned!

If you are a follower and no longer receive blog posts to your email I am sorry! I am not sure what has happened but somehow lots of my longtime subscribers are not getting my new posts. I hope to solve the issue soon but I am working on a new website so hopefully in the next couple weeks that will go live and the whole subscriber issue will get worked out. All I can say is you just have to remember to stop by my blog when you get a chance to look at the posts manually.

I hope you are adjusting to the new season better then we are!

Be back soon with a little preview of my Winter Collection for Barnacle Bags!

- on my walk yesterday up to the mailbox to drop off some packages and caught sight of this pretty spiderweb along the way

-blurry trees in the fog

-shipping of Barnacle Bags /my daily routine

-chilly day essentials / warm booties, hot cup of black tea and library books for the little one and me