The autumn air is on the horizon, the gardens are beginning to crisp up, heaps of vegetables are still harvested each night for dinner, afternoon swims still exist but the sun is starting to set earlier, the leaves are beginning to change colors and fall from the branches on to the dry dirt road. Our little cabin which call home will soon be a daily sanctuary from the cool air outside tough we are not there yet I am taking these next couple weeks to clean out all the unneeded junk we have collectives this year. To help prepare for another winter with the 3 of us instead of just the couple that is once was living in this little home. Space is even more of an issue then before but we have plans to build a little bedroom addition this winter once Alex's work settles down. But for now we will make with what we can and prepare for the upcoming season as best as we can. So as I write this I have a few more weeks summer so I plan to soak it up as best as I can. Hope you do the same!