DSCF5607DSCF5535DSCF5520DSCF5565DSCF5544DSCF5543DSCF5559DSCF5571DSCF5593 Typical scene out front; our car, beloved stroller just parked after the morning walk and leather shipment arrived last night! New veggie tan leather to work with!

Our little cabin garden is looking so lush and colorful.

A new tote, still testing it out. Hopefully will be for sale when I open back up June 21st!

Me enjoying my moment alone with coffee before the little one wakes.

Green / bath house shots; love this space this time of year. Nothing better then showering outside and smelling fresh lemon and jasmine blossoms.

Fresh local strawberries taste so yummy, so much better then store bought.

Baby O woke up after a much too short of a nap… oh I wish he would learn to nap for longer…. and now the weekend begins! Many parties and projects ahead and the sun is shining, life is good! Have a good weekend!