DSCF3750Since becoming pregnant with Owynn food has been a huge part of my life. Well I actually have always loved food but my interest and concern for what I put in my body grew immensely once becoming pregnant. As I am sure true for most pregnant women in todays world. There is nothing more you can do for your little one then have a healthy diet while they grow inside you. I have always eaten well and since having my first garden back in 2008 I then on tried to buy organic and as local as possible but thats not to say I do not have share of sweets and treats along the way from who knows where. But anyway… now that Owynn is here and his interest in food grows more by the day I enter into a new phase of food in my life. What are the first foods I want him to try first, how to make him not be a picky eater but an adventures one and lastly how to educate him once he is older on where his food comes from. We do a pretty good job each meal to have a little bit of every color, food group, local as possible and usually organic. Since moving back to Lopez most my money each week is spent on food and usually at our local natural food store. There really is nothing better to spend your money on and my grocery bills might be high but its that way cause almost every meal is made at home. Going out to eat happens spontaneously and not usually more then twice a month. If I lived in a city with lots of restaurant choices this would be a different story but I don't so I buy lots of groceries and grow lots of produce during our gardening season. Which has just begun! Yippee! Do you shop at your farmers market? Cook at home or prefer to go out? ground

A little list of our favorite meals at the moment:

Fresh local salmon cooked in brags and ginger, corn quesadilla, avacodao and a fresh garden salad.

Chicken / veggie soup with a nice thick slice of barn bread on the side. (Barn bread is made by a local couple on the island who sell bread out of there little wood fired oven bakery each Saturday.)

Lopez ground beef burgers that are mixed with herbs, oats, sunflower seeds and garlic. Steamed brussels sprouts and garden salad on the side.

and lastly good old marinara sauce with Lopez ground beef, garlic, onions, carrots, beets and broccoli poured over pasta.

Favorite recipe book at the moment: "The Art Of Simple Food" by Alice Waters.

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Any new recipes you are excited about? Whats your favorite cookbook at the moment?