7 months

DSCF3683 A letter to my little one each month.

Owynn Grey, the world has gotten so exciting for you this past month. You have mastered sitting up and no longer fall over. You are finally loving tummy time and scoot yourself backwards all around the house until you hit a wall. Toys are pretty interesting to you. You love stuffed animals, soft rubber toys, shakers, kitchen supplies and ribbons. But food is your biggest discovery this month. Avocado, salmon, egg yolk and apple sauce are spooned out and feed to you daily. You love the flavors and textures. When we sit down to eat you want to grab everything off my plate and taste it. We got you a high chair that hooks on to the table so you have your own spot  at the table now. Sometimes you just sit there and watch us cook or clean the house. Your most favorite thing of all though is being outside. We have begun eating meals outside on our porch just to please you, I even sit out there most morning with my coffee, laptop and you on a sheepskin exploring the grass while your mama types away. You are quite the independent guy but nights are still hard for us all. You want to nurse all night long and be rocked back to sleep. Ahhh I reminisce of those full 8 hours sleeps so much! One day it will be true again! Well little one, you sure are cute and getting cuter by the day. xoxo Your Mama