5 months old

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset5months old Owynn Grey you are 5 months old! Once again another month has passed and boy have you changed. We have figured out you are a baby who likes rhythm and routine. So we take you on a walk 3 times a day, about the same time each day. Before you are out our little driveway you are in dreamland. You sleep best with motion and fresh air like most babies I would imagine. I enjoy the walks, it always feels good to get some fresh air and watch you sleep so soundly. You love the johnny jump up. You dance in it while we cook dinners and we get to listen to all your happy sounds. You grab things like crazy now but still have a hard time getting them into your mouth which leads to some frustration. But one day you will get it figured out. You really are a sweet babe and already have quite the personality. We love you Owy!