Work, were to begin... well my shop has been closed down since early August. I had dreamed of having it up and running in November before the holiday rush but that was before I had a baby in my arms. Now with Owynn 4 months old I am finally beginning to feel like I might be able to get to back to work in the next coming months. It has been hard taking such a long break from something I love doing so much but also it has seemed almost impossible to even think of my business with my new little love. He takes much of our time and being that Alex and I are both busy bees he has already taught us so much like slowing down. I have felt mostly excitement to being work again but also a little scared. I need to change the way I run my business. I worked all the time, I mean all the time... I did not maintain balance and with Owynn and keeping up with friendships I must learn to run my business in a different manner. I am still brainstorming but thinking that once I get my shop up and running this early spring it will have a smaller selection of items but will grow as our little guy becomes more and more independent. I have lots of new ideas it is just finding the time and energy to act on them. I look forward to the future of Barnacle Bags and excited to step back into the studio in the next few weeks. I feel pretty blessed to be self-employed and to be able to stay at home with my little one while I work. So thanks so much to all my lovely past customers and for all those who have been waiting for me to open back up sorry on the delay! I think late February early March will be my opening time.