3 months old

Our little Owynn is 3 months old today. I am just in awe that 3 months have already passed since the night he was born. I cannot imagine life without him. He now weighs 14.5 pounds. So he is chunking right up. This month Owynn has discovered his hands. He loves sucking on his fits and it seems to calm him down. He enjoys time in front of the mirror and loves peoples smiling faces. Walks outside are still his favorite way to fall asleep. I think the shadows of the branches catch his eyes. He has his moments of fussiness but usually it just means he is ready for a nap. He seems to be a pretty content little guy. He is still sleeping a lot during the day so I thought this photo seemed appropriate because each nap time he puts up a fuss and then suddenly falls asleep in my arms with lots of bouncing. A well practiced routine.