baby and me


 Well I planned this week to do a few posts of other things beside the little one, but nothing seemed to come about. So here it is more pics of our little guy. That is all I seem to have time for. My camera and phone are filled with shots of his cute chubby checks. I scroll back from the past 3 months and oh my he has changed so much. I look at photos of the month before he was born. It sends a weird feeling through me. Life before Owynn, I can not really imagine. Though a part of me does ache for the ability to lie down, relax into another realm and not be interrupted for hours. But those sweet smiles and baby sounds make it all worth it. He is our little gem and is growing so fast. I am just trying to remember to slow down and savor these special daily moments. 

p.s thanks for all your sweet notes about little Owynn and also thanks for sticking around and being a loyal reader!