weekly routine

Alex works most days either for a local contractor or for himself at home. We always seem to have some big project that is pressed for time to get finished. Wether it be rainproofing the chicken's home or fixing our hot water system there is always something. But that is part of why we own land and have a rustic homestead. It keeps us busy and we are always learning something new. But Sundays seems to be the day for unwinding from work, getting the cabin in order for a new week and of course a walk. This time of year Alex leaves when it is dark and comes home at dusk so walks are not too common together. So once a week it happens and it is quite nice. Things get talked about that never would when at home our minds our bombarded with life's endless chores. I appreciate these walks and look forward to the day when Owynn can be running around, enjoying our special island walks as well. 
Do you have any weekly traditions?