last day

Today is the last day my Etsy shop will be open until November. It is quite a weird feeling and I know will take time to adjust as it always does with not working full time. I have such a routine each week but I have about 2 weeks of sewing to do before I am caught up so it will give me time to adjust. I am looking forward to creating a new routine and of course when I get my shop back open after the little one is born it will have to be an entirely new routine then as well. I thrive on change and so I am sure it will bring some positive elements to my business and life too! The rain made an appearance this past week. It felt rather good but after a day of cloudy weather I was ready for that summer sun. I am not ready for the change of the seasons yet. Happy Sunday all! 

-Rainy day shot
-Bright pink sweet peas soaked from the rain
-The biggest onion from our garden patch
-Friday I shipped out lots of bags