The Studio

 Almost done! Just 2 more weeks and I should be able to move into the studio. It has been quite the process. Alex has done an amazing job. Spending hours after work and all his free time building it. Eventually we think it might become our house as we made it so it could be added on to very easily. But for now it is the studio and extra sleeping space for friends and family. It has turned out so beautiful, spacious and bright. I love it so so much! I cant wait to move in and actually have space to work. No more using my bed as a cutting table and having rolls of fabric everywhere in the house that are always falling over. There will still be lots do on the outside of the studio like the siding and porch. But for now it is looking so good. Whats your work space like? I love seeing other peoples work spaces. 

Here is a post on the studio from February so you can see the progress since then.