A few shots from this week, a busy and hectic one. I think the next will be the same and then we plan to take a trip to the coast! 4 days of sleeping and hanging next to the sweet salty sea. I think I might just bring my film camera for it. I have not used it in months and I'm feeling ready to bring it out again. Every time I leave my property, I always return feeling so happy and lucky to have my little cabin and quiet land tucked away from it all. I feel quite blessed to be an islander and to have so many other lovely island folk around as well! Life is good, just busy... Enjoy your weekend! Any great plans for it?? 

-Our echinacea plant, the bees love it so much! 
-A thank you dinner for the painters who painted the inside of my studio! 
-Armfuls of chamomile in our little wheel borrow
-My little pregnant belly, 31 weeks