summer thoughts

 I am not sure what it is exactly about this time of year but all of a sudden as soon as July hit I feel like there is so much to be done. Maybe it is the never ending weeks of sunshine... Just tending to the chickens and keeping the garden watered alone keeps me busy each day. Trying to stay focused on my businesses can get tricky this time of year. There is so much to be done on our little piece of land it can de daunting. I write lists each week and by the time Monday rolls around and the next list is to be written, not enough is checked off from the last. Busy bees we all are this time of year. Alex and my list for the summer keeps growing and growing. Lots of projects we would like to finish before the little one arrives. But in the midst of it all, we managed to set aside 4 days to go camping out on the coast. Woo hoo! I so hope we can pull it off. Do you feel a bit overwhelmed by the summer chaos or have you figured out a good way to not let it phase you? But honestly I love it and it keeps my creative energy moving when there is so much to be done. I think once again balance is the key to times like these.  

~ A few photos of our lush and happy bath house, oh I love this space so much this time of year. Showering in the winter in here is a different story...