around here...

 (Working in the late evening, my growing belly, first poppy to bloom, fresh cut leather straps and roadside daisies next to some sun infused calendula.) 

 A little of this and that from my day yesterday. Each week seems to pass by so fast and same with the weekends. We have so much we want to get done before our little one arrives but our biggest task is getting my studio finished so we can free up a little space in our cabin for a few baby things, like a rocking chair and changing table. A big weekend ahead, a birthday party for Alex, Piper, Josef and Nitsan! A Gemini Celebration! Busy bees around here, the island seems to suddenly shift in June and everyones lives get filled with summer's endless tasks. But it is amazing because for so many it is the time to make some extra cash and refill the bank accounts. Enjoy your weekend and the late summer sun!