I feel like so much has happened this week around the property. The long days make us all so much more productive. Most exciting one of our mamma hens had 6 baby chicks. 2 yellow, 2 black and 2 grey! We've had to move her around a bit until we found a secure spot for her and the chicks and she is quite feisty. Very protective of her little babies, doing such a good job keeping them warm and teaching them to scratch for there food already at 2 days old. The spring rain has returned and it feels so good, a balance of rain and sun this time of year is great. The studio is getting closer and closer each weekend. Alex's mom helped us refinish the wood French doors that we got from a local building salvage and they look so good! I might paint them but after I have the babe. The wiring is almost finish and then onto insulating. A gross and dirty job, which I get to opt out of this time due to the little one inside me. I have been trying my hardest to fill my body with lots and lots of clear liquids this past week. I am a little low on my amniotic fluid so staying hydrated is key to fixing that. A busy few days ahead of sewing before I take a little break and visit my mom. She lives 2 ferry rides away and always nice to leave home to get a little perspective. So long, until next time friends!Β 

Some photos from a Friday afternoon beach session...Β