A busy month April will be. I will open my shop and our babe will double in size by the end of it. I am already showing a bit so I am sure by the end of the month I will actually look a little pregnant and not in this weird in-between stage I am in right now. I am just glad summer is coming and dresses can worn all the time. The long evenings are my favorite this time of year. I savor them until the sunsets at 7:30. This time of year always reminds me of my childhood. The first smells and sights of spring are looming everywhere. Everyones grass is looking so lush and all the gardens are beginning to take life again. Looking forward to what April will bring, hope it is a good month for you as well! 

- New limited edition fabric for the classic tote, recycling the 3191 newsprint as wrapping paper and a batch of the prettiest daffodils around. 

Oh and one more thing... I have really been enjoying this mellow playlist by Kinfolk. Check it out if you are needing some new tunes in your life. Always the case for me.